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You can specify how you would like your keylock items to be keyed.

  • Keyed Alike – All items are keyed to operate with the same key. This is how your keylocks will be keyed unless you specify otherwise.
  • Keyed Differently – Each keylock item will be keyed to operate on a unique key.

If you would like your keylocks to be keyed to your current key, you can send us a copy of that key and we will key your new locks to match it. This is convenient for people who are just replacing one or two keylocks on their house and don’t want to have two different house keys.

Please use the Comments Section of our Checkout Page to let us know how you would like your order keyed. If you will be sending us a key, please note that in the Comments section as well. Keys should be sent to:

Home Hardware USA
10545 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK 74133

As always, Home Hardware USA does not charge you for keying service!


Many lever locks are right or left-handed so it’s important to determine if the door you will be installing them on is a right or left-handed door. Determining the handing of a door is an easy process. When standing outside of the room, face the door. If the hinges are on the left side than it is a left-handed door. If the hinges are on the right side, then the door is right-handed.


Most door locks come in these four categories. The differences between them are easy to understand.

  • A KEYLOCK has a key-operated lock on the exterior and a push button or turn lock on the interior. These are most often used on the entry doors of a residence.
  • A PRIVACY door lock is often used for a bathroom door. It has a push button or turn lock on the interior.
  • A PASSAGE door lock does not include a locking mechanism and is usually used for bedroom or other interior room doors.
  • A DUMMY lock is simply a knob that does not have a latch or any other internal parts. Dummies do not turn are most often found on closet doors. Dummies come with ONE knob.


Home Hardware USA makes every effort to accurately portray the finishes (colors) of all the products on our site. However, due to discrepancies in computer monitors, software and other variables, finishes on actual products may appear slightly different than their pictures on our site. Finishes within collections and brands will match (for example, all Rusticware Satin Nickel Knobs will have the same finish) Please feel free to Email Us with any questions you may have regarding finishes before placing your order.


Home Hardware USA also stocks a wide variety of Weslock latches and parts.  If you are looking for a specific part for a Weslock door lock, please USE OUR CONTACT PAGE to send us an email and let us know what you are looking for.